I see you have found my website, and I welcome you!  My name is Dr. Williams, and I have been teaching statistics and research classes for graduate students at Texas Tech University for 14 years. Though I am still teaching, I have shifted my focus some bit with an eye toward helping others outside my own college and even beyond my own university with their research endeavors and data analysis needs.  I realize that students approaching their dissertations frequently plan to hire someone to analyze their data and help them interpret their results.  After spending so many years sitting on students’ dissertation committees as statistician and methodologist, I am well familiar with the process.  Similarly,  my colleagues often have data to analyze before they can finish their manuscripts and get them sent out for publication.  Try as they might to get to it, their busy schedules prevent them from having time to analyze that data, and this causes frustrating delays in the submission of their manuscripts.   Also, facilities and businesses in the community often seek the assistance of a statistical analyst or research consultant to help answer questions about their businesses.   I am ready to help in any of these situations.

At StatSquared, you can find out about my experience, my education, and about me as a person.  You can also find information about my services and what I can do for you.  I can help you with your data analysis and research method whether you are a student, an academic professional, or a business owner.  I can assist you at any point in the research process, from deciding on the best approach, to analyzing and interpreting your data and writing up your results.  Every week or so, you will find a new post about statistics, research, or related topics.   Feel free to browse my website, and when you are ready for my services please contact me.

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