My Education

Texas Tech University Seal

I received my education from Texas Tech University beginning in 1993, and I graduated with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies in late 1996. From there, I began a master’s degree in counseling in 1997, and after completing all of my coursework I realized that as important as counseling was, it was really the statistics and research end of things that intrigued me. I soon changed my degree plan from counseling to educational psychology, and pursued the master’s degree concurrently with the doctoral degree.

After graduating at the end of 1998 with the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, I continued work on the doctoral degree. During my pursuit of this degree, I was offered an opportunity to teach an undergraduate research methods class where I began to notice that many students are rather hesitant when it comes to research and statistics, and often feel lost when it comes time to conduct their own research and especially when faced with data analysis and interpretation. This led to my decision to specialize in statistics and research so that I would be better prepared to help students in this area.