What do I do?

First things first: get in touch! The form to the right is a good way to let me know you’re interested, as well as give me an idea of where you are with your project. Of course, if you’d rather just call me, you can certainly do that instead. I’m ready to help!

Then what?

I will call you so we can discuss your needs and expectations, and this initial consultation won’t cost you a dime. Afterward, I will prepare a written estimate so you have an idea of how much time I’ll need, as well as what this might cost. You’re under no obligation at this point.

Great. Then what?

If you like what you see in the estimate, then all you have to do is return the signed estimate to me, and then I’ll get started.

What else?

The needs of my clients are varied and unique. For some, I’ll crunch away on your data and send you the results (almost like magic). For others, I may have questions or require some work on your part so I can continue with mine. If anything comes up that changes the original scope of my work, I’ll let you know, and if it involves a change in price, you’ll know beforehand — no surprises, I promise!

Let’s do this!

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